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Oracle training course focuses mainly on providing extensive knowledge on functionalities and implications of Oracle Database. The technical skills of Oracle make up a valuable database professional. In today’s growing business world data management has become one of the most challenging subject matters. And the professionals with substantial knowledge on data warehousing and data mining are in high demand everywhere. Oracle training in Nepal offers exciting opportunities for the data enthusiasts who are passionate about accepting the technical challenges. The growing popularity of Oracle database for developing commercial and enterprise applications have positioned Oracle as one of the most preferred database solutions.

The privilage of performing sytem updates without complete overhaul of the database system proves Oracle’s significance for the large businesses. Oracle’s cost effectiveness and efficiency is a consistent success factor that has been able to sustain the customer satisfaction.

Why Oracle

  • Oracle certifications are highly recognized credentials in global IT industry
  • Since Oracle database technologies are widely appreciated its certifications reflect your core competence in Database domain
  • Certification levels range from Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) to Oracle Certified Professional (OCP)
  • Oracle certified IT professionals can easily update their credentials to the latest Oracle technologies without hassle
  • Oracle certifications bring various value-added benefits to successful trainees
  • Distinctive recognition of Oracle certified professionals among IT communities
  • Rewarding job opportunities for Oracle certified

Benefits of Oracle

  • Job security for Oracle developers as it has long-term market for its ERP offerings
  • Research shows Oracle has dominated various industries that operate with analysis of large amount of data (such as banking industry) giving wider career scope for for database professionals 
  • Database Administrator roles at IT companies 
  • Job opportunity as Database Overseer, Data Warehouse manager, Data Analyst at large commercial ventures
  • Growing use of Oracle database for safe data storage and safe data recovery has further extended work opportunity for Oracle database experts as Disaster Recovery Expert, Back-up expert etc.
  • The individuals with Oracle expertise can also provide consultancy services such as IT technical support and Database Training Specialists that are highly paid these days.
  • Conclusion: As we can see there are numerous commercial and enterprise level applications relying on Oracle and more career opportunities for Oracle professionals, the trainees are largely benefited. The individuals with a genuine interest on data management shouldn’t be looking back in regrets as Oracle’s knowledge guarantees a safe career. Hence, Oracle’s training could be a lifetime investment for you as it makes sure you become a notable Database professional with genuine recognition in growing IT markets such as Nepalese IT industry.

Benefits of Oracle at Omnitek

  • Experienced Oracle programmers as instructors
  • Value added learning opportunities in a friendly environment
  • Regular practical exercises under supervision of experts
  • Internship and job placement opportunities for deserving students
  • Guidance for Oracle certifications
  • Affordable training course
  • Special discount to needy trainees